Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Relay for Life - Silent Auction

The silent auction for our relay team will start next monday June 7th and go until June 14th. The web address is:

Tune in to see all the great donated items up for auction and to help us raise money for the American Cancer Society in memory of William Riggs.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why my mom should start doing a blog!

If anyone can leave reason's why my mom should do a blog i'd greatly appreciate it!! we keep telling her she needs to keep up, but she just doesnt! sooooo please leave a reason why she should... and if you know of anyone that she'd know, please leave their blog address.. maybe she just doesnt think that anyone knows of her blog...
whatever reason it is.. we need to get her on here more!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So since my mom doesn't get on here much. Me (shayna) and Stacey are going to do the blog 10 for her........

she was tagged by aunt beth, and all she has to do is say 10 honest truths about her, suprizing, yet interesting......... this should be fun coming from her kids!

1. She loves her family......... as much as parents say they are excited that all of their kids are moved out, she wouldn't agree with that.. she loves having us at home and wishes we were there more. whether we are out with our friends, or not she always liked having us home more than she liked us being away. Now when she cooks dinner, shayna and brady always just "happen" to come to her house... it gets pretty funny.

2. Her dog quincy is her best friend. She loves quincy... (she didnt when i-shayna, first got him) she thinks she's his mom.. (i-shayna am really his first mom) but she took over the roll and wouldn't let me take him when i got married.. which i probably wouldnt have anyways.. she loves that dog and she's right he does love her and he is attached for life......... and she will say again and again that he is the best dog anyone could ever have! (shayna agrees that her dog daisy is the best, and stacey agrees that her dog max is the best...) our mom is just in denial and can't see past quincy!

3. She is a wonderful cook... Even as kids and we were all very busy she still made dinner, we wouldnt all eat it, or we sometimes were picky but she liked to cook and she was great at it.. it proves that because we all stop by her house to see whats for dinner. i-shayna's favorite dinner she makes is the chicken and rice...... but she does do thanksgiving every year at her house and i know that everyone loves that turkey & stuffing!!!

4. she is Obsessed with dragon flies. She probably has like 3 or 4 necklaces with dragon flies on it, Shayna made a watch for her that had a dragon fly charm, she loves them so much, our dad noticed and made her a HUGE wire dragon fly for her for christmas for her yard. she was extatic!!

5. Procrastination is her middle name! (she wouldnt agree) but stac and i completely agree! its not a bad thing, she just is so funny about it. she wont commit, and then when we either finish it or do something about it she wonders why we didnt talk to her first.. oh the joy of mothers :)

6. She loves her jeep, yet she wont stop talking about a little convertable that she is going to get (she's been talking about it for years.. has it happened.. no... look at number 5) So her jeep is her fav. she's seen newer ones that she likes, but not as much as hers she has now, she looks at little convertable cars everywhere she goes.. WHEN she gets one, her and my dad only (it's going to be a two seater) are going to take it up the coast.. and leave her kids home!

7. Her favorite ice cream flavor is Strawberry....... i dont think i've really seen her eat anything else... you would never guess that cause her fridge always has snickers, reeses, mint chocolate chip, and butterfinger.. but she doesnt buy ice cream for herself. when she buys ice cream she is buying it for our dad! she does eat strawberry ice cream every time we go to la beus in bear lake, and those night drives to get ice cream when my dad is craving it.

8. this probably should be number 1, but she LOVES to travel.. Hawaii mostly. she'd rather be on a 8 hour flight to hawaii than drive 5 hours somewhere...... she loves the beach, and she looks forward to every other year when the WHOLE family goes to hawaii........... it was kinda crowded last year, but my mom would never complain!

9. she is the middle child and hated it... i guess its called Middle child syndrom!.... (i-shayna the baby of the family don't think that it would be that bad) (i Stac..... hated it, me and shayna would be fighting.. or whatever, she'd tell steph the BIG sister, and steph would pick on me....... then when steph wasn't around shayna would get me in trouble.. cause shes the baby.. when she started it..) My mom and stacey always laugh about being the middle child.. i -shayna dont think i was ever that bad.. they'd both disagree......... i guess thats the joy of being the middle child! :) haha!

10. Boating is her passion..... Our parents have always owned a boat.. and she loves it, even when she stopped water skiing, she still loved to go. she loves to put her feet up and just cruise around the lake.. with her glasses on and her hair blowing.. she is in heaven!

Last but not least i know i didnt have a number for this one, but since i kinda said mostly funny ones i think she deserves this one too! ... She is ALWAYS willing to help out....... i dont know what else there is to say about it........ she loves being there for people, and when she does you know its out of sincerity... she is kind, genuine, and loves life. we love you mom!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa

Every time I go to my grandparents I try to remember to take a picture. Seems like time just goes by so fast and lately i've been EXTREEMLY busy with the house and work so I enjoy updating my pictures while I'm there. Grandpa and Grandma are so special. I think everyone in my family would agree.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Proud Grandma

As everyone knows Stephanie just had her 3rd child! a precious handsome boy named Steven Charles. Steph along with Jamee are the only ones that have brought my mom (GRANDMA) 7 grandchildren and my mom is sure to reasure us that she is blessed by each one! I (Shayna) think that she deserves an award for supporting 4 Daughters........ and then 7 grandchildren.. She has had a lot on her plate.. i know that we have not made it that easy for her.. even know being married she does ALOT for us! thanks MOM! i can assume that all the sisters feel the same way! THANKS MOM WE LOVE YOU!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Shayna's Wedding

Oh the mounts of pictures I have to sort through of Shayna's wedding... But our youngest girl was married to Brady Larson on 07/08/09! We are all so happy for her. She was an amazingly beautiful bride. The wedding turned out great and we couldn't have done it with out all the help from Beth, Jenny, Trish, Ally, Jamee, Steph, Ray, Stacey, Jason, and Shayna's friends who helped set up the night before and the day of. I can't say THANK-YOU enough! You're all so kind and I hope you know how truely appreaciated you are for all your help. You made the wedding decorations turn out beautiful. The tables got set up quickly and the food was out before we knew it. I do have to also say thanks to Steve for all his hard work in preparing our yard for the wedding (well the pond!) He also made the arch. He did a great job. (Also Mom planted all the flowers -Stacey's comment). Shayna's a married woman. Here are just a few of the pictures from her wedding. I don't have time to post all of them! The wedding was great but boy are we glad it's over!

Hawkes Family
Wedding Party

Steve's Bridge

Steve's pond
Center Pieces

Ceremony set up



Dylan is such a stud!

Entry way

Guest Book

Reception tables

Bride and Groom
My girls

Steve and I

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Easter!

For Easter we spend the afternoon at Mom and Dad's for lunch and an easter egg hunt for Jaycie and Dylan. It was a great time! I've got pictures I'll post later.

I'm still working on getting mom, shayna and steph to post on here as well!

Tomorrow Stacey, Shayna and Mom are off to Vegas/Mesquite/St George for the weekend for a dance competition. I'll post an update when we get back!